Take Care of your trails 2020, @ Contin, 12th April 0900h

HTR members will be heading down to Clans @ the Croft 2020. Comrie Croft 3rd & 4th of April

Highland Trail Riders vision for 2020

HTR has been working throughout 2019 to establish ourselves as a known organisation in Ross Shire.

We have recognised there are established clubs already providing social groups and development for all disciplines, however, we believe maintenance, care and development of trails is equally as important, and can easily be an overlooked factor in creating a healthy local riding scene.

HTR is committed to promoting the care, maintenance and development of our local trails.

Wild, often unauthorised trail building is on the increase in our local woodland. This includes, Forestry and Land Scotland and Private Estate. We currently recognise a need for clear dialogue between the land management and the local MTB community. 

Establishing and maintaining good relationships will benefit both parties clear lines of communication lead to safer working and recreational practice, improved trail maintenance and even perhaps create a pathway to future trail development.

HTR is focused on building a welcoming community, caring for our local trails and providing support for our members. We will assist in managing individual projects, and give assistance should it be required by local individuals or riding groups. Providing a point of contact and line of communication for land management with regards to unauthorised trails on their land, or even to provide advice on trial maintenance or new developments.  

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