DMBinS, Take care of your trails 2020

Join the trail crew @ Contin on 12th April 0900

After consultation with Forestry and Land Scotland, a risk assessment has been carried out on the trails at Contin, Re Routing the ending of two trails is required, to provide a safer exit, to accommodate both trails meeting and walkers paths. Failing to carry out the essential works could result in the trails being removed.

We are also participating in the DMBinS Take care of ypour trails campaign, we see this as an ideal opertunity to show DMBinS and Scottish cycling that we are just as serious about our local trails as anywhere else in the country.

All help would be greatly appreciated, help save our trails. Contin 12th of April 0930am

Please sign up by emailing, TYOC and the names of those participating to / Or dm us via Facebook or Instagram

HTR @ Learnie, first volunteer maintenance day.

A big thanks to all the team who turned out for the maintenance day at Learnie on the 28th of December.

The plan of attack was to tackle all the wet areas and puddles on the blue climb, clearing the build up at the sides to allow the water to run away.

Thanks to the grafters we managed this and still had time in the day to fix the notorious Burm on Busters run.

Keep your eyes peeled for future plans.

Highland Trail riders:

We are so lucky to have many awesome trails in our area, but these trails don’t build or look after themselves. We want to encourage everyone to help and, “get your hands dirty”.

Good news, the hard work has been done. Various individuals and groups have developed relationships with local land owners over a long period of time.

We ask that this is respected, if you plan on building your own trail, (Rouge Trail) please stop. Contact the local club or builder, you could be spoiling it for everyone.